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O’Leary – Guth Law Office, S.C.


Our mission is to provide expert legal advice commonly associated with larger national law firms, while maintaining the friendliness, individualized attention, and fee structure of a smaller firm. All of us at O'Leary-Guth Law Office, S.C. are dedicated to providing legal advice to clients in a professional and yet personable and approachable manner. Our attorneys, paralegals, and other staff possess a high degree of knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, including estate planning, corporate law, taxation, elder law and planning for individuals with special needs. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their long-term goals. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could be of service to you.


O'Leary-Guth Law Office, S.C.'s team of attorneys, paralegals, accountants and staff apply a high level of advanced education and continuous training along with a broad range of experience to the representation of all of our clients. We provide guidance, planning and advice related to a variety of practice areas, including:


Innovative thinking and careful planning is crucial to generating positive outcomes for individuals, families and businesses. Our legal planning services can assist with:

  • Planning the future for your children
  • Passing a business on to your successors
  • Planning for your own long-term goals and needs
  • Distributing your wealth at death
  • Help address the needs of elderly and disabled family members
  • Complying and planning for income, captial gain, estate and generation-skipping taxes
  • Protecting your and your heirs assets from divorce, lawsuits and bankruptcy

Please accept this invitation to Contact Us to learn how we can help you plan for yourself, your family, and your business.

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