Board Meeting Minutes

Monday August 7, 2017 @ glaze


·         Call to order by Marc Mrugala @ 5:10pm

o   1st: Amy Ollman

o   2nd: Nancy Egelhoff


·         Present: Rob Kos, Marc Mrugala, Katie, Amy Ollman, Andy Lafond, Nancy Egelhoff, Theresa Umhoefer, Dan Umhoefer, Kristina Eckert


·         Absent: Jesse Daily, Lara D’cruze-Jung


·         Beer Garden proposed for Aug. 17, 24, 31, Sept. 7, 14. 6pm – 9pm.

o   Rob has applied for permit and servers license

o   Operate under the TBA umbrella – Permit, insurance

o   Each week a different TBA member would staff and run

§  the cheel, glaze, Remington’s, TBA

o   Beers, wines, sodas and water

o   Burgers, brats, hot dogs and other easy food

o   Same menu each week

o   Music each week, except Aug. 31. Show Packer preseason game

o   A discussion was had regarding a TBD revenue share among participating members and the TBA, after expenses had been paid. There was no final decision

o   This would be a test run for a longer series summer of 2018


·         Adjourned at 6:00pm

o   1st: Theresa Umhoefer

o   2nd: Nancy Egelhoff